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Wanted: IT Partners

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Let’s network– with IT-Houses! We are a network of independent and highly specialised IT experts and our goal is to deliver comprehensive IT solutions and IT projects.
We are looking for partner companies with a maximum of three employees or partners. You should have a clearly defined core competence.
We are looking for experts in the following fields:
  • IT project management
  • SAP or any other business software
  • Concepts and consulting
  • Microsoft
  • Network
  • Security
  • Software development / programming (i.e. java or .Net)
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Do you think there is anything missing in this list? However, please do not hesitate and contact us.

IT Partnership - The Idea

Our daily business and work inspired us to create this network. We are sure that you know the situation that your customer does not only need your service but another technology or service on top of yours. This happens quite frequently.
Don’t you think it would be helpful to know somebody, an expert, you can count on and who delivery exactly the IT technology or service your customer needs?
We believe that a network like IT Houses is a solution for this problem. Our IT experts trust each other; hence they can recommend one another to their customers. This enables us to deliver comprehensive IT projects, services and solutions.
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IT Partnership - A Concept With Two Advantages

If you can recommend other IT experts it underlines your own expertise. Moreover, each partner of IT Houses saves quite some effort in acquisition.
Especially for experts with a strong technical orientation acquisition is a real pain. Cold calls are annoying for the caller and the person/company who receives the call. However, statistically the success of this marketing method is very low. For these reasons many entrepreneurs work with agencies. Typically, these brokers do not understand the business and the contracts are only in their favour. Not a very satisfactory solution.
The good news is that each of us has some customers or leads in the portfolio. Combined as a network this makes quite an amount of customers. One does not need a mathematical degree to understand that these connections multiply and that they increase the publicity of each of us.
The partners of IT-Houses do their acquisition in common, so to speak. Of course it does not always work out and maybe not with the first attempt. But it is undisputed that it is easier to get in touch with the right people if one knows the company and the processes.
By the way: recommendations pay off for both parties. The partners of IT-Houses work with fair commissions.

IT Partner wanted

IT Competences We Already Offer

  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Corporate design
  • E-learning
  • IT project management
  • IT project rescue
  • Concepts and consulting
  • Oracle database development
  • Oracle DBA consulting
  • Software development and consulting
  • Texts
  • Web technologies
We are aware that this is by far that information technology comprises of more competences. As we strive for comprehensive solutions and successful IT projects we are looking for additional and competent IT partners.
Please find the concept to download here.
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